The Tunnels of Old Helensburgh- Dutchadventurer

A story by Guido

The tunnels of Old Helensburgh / New South Wales – Dutchadventurer


Travel for me is all about random stiff happening. I am not really a type of traveller that plans everything out so I just go with the flow. An example of one of the best experience I have thusfar was when I was hitchhiking in Tasmania and got a lift from a dairy farm whom owns a farm in New South Wales. We had a great talk and he offered me to come work at his farm whenever I was in NSW. So I did. I gave him a call and could come over. Best time ever had there ! These people were so nice to me. I could drive the quad, use the car, help to milk the cows and live in this beautiful land. 

Later, their son came over from the USA with his friend in holiday so I went with them back to Sydney and then Byron Bay. There I met as well such awesome people, whom made me really feel part of the family there. We had fun nights, watched sunrises and sunsets. What I mean is all this happened because of one random encounter with someone and is what I think the best experience I have had thusfar.

Photo take by Dutchadventurer at the tunnnels of Old Helensburgh near Sydney.   


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