Cape Le Grand National Park - Jules Frarier

A story by Jules Frarier

Jules Frarier
Cape Le Grand National Park / Western Australia – Jules Frarier

‘My experience in Australia is unique !

In France I used to stay with my friends, do my work and go back home, nothing amazing…
Here I meet everyday new people, with their own vision of the life, a different from mine. So I learn I lot about others and the landscape are just perfect. When I think about the National Park Cape Le Grand I can’t imagine a better place !
Most of travelers that I met were europeans so it was not a big change. However I met one guy from Philippines , who asked me some questions about european life. He didn’t understand how people can respect rules while in his country people don’t care about recycling for example and most of the politics are corrupted, so it doesn’t help to anyone… I don’t like politic since my young years because I think they serve their own interest. Corruption exists in France but not like in Philippine definitely. So I realized how lucky we are, because it could be worst somewhere else…
One other thing that occurs to me since I’m in Australia is 90% of the people that I met (except big cities, because it’s very european) are just lovely. I remember walking in the street of ByronBay, looking at people in their eyes and they just stopped to ask me how was my day going, if I was enjoying the city… they are interested about us, our history or background. In France this never happened to me and I think it’s a pity, everybody is on the phone (me included…) and we stop to interact with people surrounding. So now, I want to know everything about people, what is the story of the baker who sell me the bread, how the guy in the night club became a DJ for this place, where travelers that I meet come from, where did he already go and where he’s planning to go …
Their is so much to learn about the other, let’s be more open minded !’
Photo taken by Jules Frarier at Cape Le Grand National Park – Esperance 

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