Albane and Fabien - French

Albane & Fabien – 23 years old – French – 340/290 days in Australia

Here is the story of Albane and Fabien, a french couple backpacking Australia. 

“The both of us, we were not supposed to stay for a long time in Australia. I came here to improve my English for my study in France and Fabien wanted to make some money to travel later” said Albane. 

“But we finally fell in love with Australia and for each other. So we decided to leave Perth after a few months, starting a road trip with some friends to discover the outback. Every place was so wild, everything was breathtaking. I think we will never forget all the amazing places and nice people from around the world we met during this trip. Now we just want to find sponsorship to become a permanent resident of this beautiful country and be able to enjoy freedom for the rest of our life.”

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