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Auriane – 21 years old – 210 days in Australia

11134143_802498279829754_7873232745134257022_o I took the decision to go to Australia in July 2014. I was thinking about doing a gap year between by bachelor and my master in order to improve my english. England is too close and I don’t like the USA. So I decided to do ‘Au Pair’ in an Australian Family so I sent many emails to a lot of families. I was a bit in a rush because I had 3 weeks to find my family, prepare my trip and buy the ticket.

My flight was doing Paris – Dubaï – Perth – Sydney
So when I arrived in Perth, I get out and I tried to find out where was the terminal for the domestic flights. But impossible to find my way, the only indications I’ve got around me were for international terminals only. So I started asking the staff member about the domestic airport. And I discovered this way for the first time the kindness of australians. A lady asked one of her colleague to help me, he who took me to the luggage area, help me to carry my suitcase and then took me to the bus for the domestic terminal. It was my first impression of Australian people and I can say that it was a great start.

At the beginning when I arrived I met people who told me ‘You will see, you will like it and you will stay two years’. And it is true, after few months I wanted to stay more ! But one day I was on the phone with my sister and she told me that she missed me, so I didn’t think anymore about staying longer because family is important to me.

I was not expected so much from my travel and from Australia. I didn’t think much about it before. But the thing that surprised me it is the number of people that you can easily meet here. Most of the time I meet people from backpackers Facebook groups and then it comes with friends of friends.

I even met my boyfriend here. His name is Valentin. We’re gonna travel together for two months from Sydney to Cairns, then Katherine, Uluru, Adelaïde, Melbourne and Sydney. After that, we want to go to Thaïland and Birmania. There are two challenges in one. First I’ve never traveled before as a backpacker, living in a car, driving a long distance,… so I’m looking forward for this experience and secondly it has been only few months that we are in a relationship with Valentin. It’s gonna be the big adventure ! If it doesn’t work between us, it not a problem we just have to sell our car. And if it works, Valentin told me we have to marry !

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