Becky - Taiwan

Becky – 30 years old – Taiwanese – 730 days in Australia

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‘I have really open minded parents so whatever decision I make they are always being supportive. When I took the decision to go to Australia they were really happy for me because they know that I have always wanted to go abroad. They just said “do it”! Before I came to Australia I was preparing the national exam in Taiwan, it’s a really difficult one. I failed twice and the third time I told myself, “If I succeed, I’m ready to settle down my life in Taiwan. But is this what I want? If I fail again, what am I gonna do?” Then I asked myself, “If now I have a chance to choose one thing, just one thing that I really want to do, and leave everything behind…what is that?” Somehow, deep inside of me there is a voice says, “Go to Australia!” Then, the results came up, I was so close to get it but once again I failed. I was not sad, I was excited because I knew I was going to Australia. I spent two years in this beautiful country, working in farm to extend my visa and working in a shop in Sydney. I lived with many people from many countries but the most interesting experience for me was living with Europeans. I think they are more out going, they like to have parties all the time, meet people, they like to drink all the time and this is really different from Asians people. I would say European people are more crazy, but I like them, maybe because I’m also a crazy person ! I like to have fun, I don’t like to go back home and stay in my room and not talking to other people, I like to have funny discussions and make people laugh. I have to admit that I can’t even remember my biggest laugh since I arrived because I actually laugh all the time. It is quite easy for me to find something funny.

You are currently writing a diary, can you tell me more about it ? I keep really detailed things, what my friends said to me, what happened every day… I like to write with lot of details, so if I forget something I just have to go back to my diary and try to recall memories. It is not only about details it is also about me, my life. I met a lot of people here and some people are really important to me so I want to remember what happened between us. Sometimes if I miss this person, I will go back to the diary and read again what moments we had together. This way i will never forget ! I’m still thinking about what I want to do with my diary when I will be back to Taiwan. At the beginning I was thinking of writing a book about different people I met in Australia but I don’t know yet how to make it interesting enough for people to buy it. I’m still working on it but I want to write something about people for sure.

Did you change since you arrived here ?  Before I came here, I didn’t really know who I was, and I didn’t really understand myself. But during those two years I kept meeting different people and I realized that I could see myself in them. When they were doing something, I was like ‘oh it is me, I do the same as well !’. And sometimes when people made me upset, I realized how I can also make people upset. For 2 years and from these people I got to know myself better. I can say there is a big different between me two years ago and me now. I became more careless about things not in a bad way but in a good way. I can really be myself now, I don’t care about what people say or do, I only need to care if I am happy.

What are you gonna keep from Australia ? There is something from Australia that I would like to keep and bring back to Taiwan is the way they are living here, people are working hard but they know how to relax, they go to the beach or go to bars afterwork, hang out with friends, try to relax themselves, it is not only about work work work all the time. I think if I go back to Taiwan, I’m not only gonna work all the time, I will try to travel more in Taiwan and find if there is any special spot for me in my country.

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