Carla and steven

Carla and Steven – 21 & 24 Years old – French – Traveling for 365 Days

« Since we started to travel it’s obvious nothing is the same as before.
Indeed, we learned to be more minimalism. We’re living in a 4wd and we came here just with a backpack, so no room for anything superfluous. That permits us to be aware of what is very essential and obviously essentials thing we can count them with our hands. We learned to live as minimalism and this teaches us how to let go, be more relaxed, less do control on our life because travel is before anything a discovering of unexpected bad or good things that happen. This real letting goes it’s nice to fully enjoy the present moment.
We are also less stressed out since we are travelling if something annoying happens with putting our energy trying to figure out how we can resolve it instead of the blame ourselves or something else and we are happier like this.
In this same state of mind, we have felt a real reconnection to nature. The fact to sleep outside, living with the sun timing, adapting ourselves to our environment and to our new neighbours have been really good to remind us that mother nature is powerful and that we are very small beside her. Our Planet is so important, we need to protect her, to respect her. So we learned how to live with less waste, how to change staff in our routine which can make less waste, how to take care of nature, how to be mindful. After that change we realized that When we were in Montpellier in France we didn’t really matter about the environment, we didn’t even realize how important is it. Now, we are doing our best to change that and take care about nature and sustainable environment, we bought a bamboo toothbrush, reusable straw, reusable mugs, reusable inox bottle, solid shampoo, reusable container, less plastic. We’re eating less meat like even none during the road trip, we are trying to eat local as much as possible, to cooking and do homemade. Also, we’re trying to grab waste that we find on our way and throw them to the appropriate bin. Also for my part, I buy my clothes in Op shop, second-hand shop to try to reuse as much as I can, and I sell or give the actual clothes that I don’t need anymore. As a beauty product, it’s very minimalism as well. I don’t make up myself since I left France and I just use something to clean my face and hydrate it that’s it.
To resume our experience, travelling has been very helpful to reconnect ourselves to the important things, to take care of the environment, and letting goes unimportant things, fully enjoy the present moment and try to be more positive in any situation. »

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