Carlo - England


10850257_733568240056092_5283025559758334189_n‘When I told my friends that I wasn’t going to go to college, they thought that I was crazy. I told them I was going to travel in Australia, they all looked at me like ‘uh-uh’. None of them believed me.
When I finally made it out here, they were still in denial. They were all so jealous of my bravery. I needed to travel, not wanted but needed to. My life before I came out here was boring and empty. ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about making yourself’, it’s a quote that I saw when I first started traveling. That quote is what inspires me every single day. It was exactly what I came to Australia to do. I have only been traveling for about 5 weeks at this point, so I need to do more. I need to see more. There is 7 months of adventure ahead of me. I know that I will enjoy every second of the next 7 months. When I leave and go back home, I will have an endless supply of stories to tell.
Create yourself, make your own story.’

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