The story of Veronique – Canadian – 27 years old

I flew to Australia in March 2019. I have been working as a criminologist for the past four years with people that are at their lowest. And then, I realized I had the urgent need to think about myself for once. It was now or never. I left with a heavy heart and the world’s weight on my shoulders with one goal: free myself.

Carla and steven

Carla and Steven – 21 & 24 Years old – French – Traveling for 365 Days

Since we started to travel it’s obvious nothing is the same as before. Indeed, we learned to be more minimalism. We’re living in a 4wd and we came here just with a backpack, so no room for anything superfluous. That permits us to be aware of what is very essential and obviously essentials thing we can count them with our hands.

Pirmin - German

Pirmin – German

‘I was studying philosophy back in Germany but I realized that it had no connection with the real life. I also broke up with my girlfriend and after that I really wanted to go somewhere…

Julien - French

Julien – French

‘In 2013, I worked as an intern for a travel company in Paris. I planned to visit Morocco for 2 weeks at the end of this internship, it was a dream for several years. I bought my low-cost tickets in March for this Summer trip. On the 28th of July, two days before the departure, two things happened…’

Pinalife - Argentina

Manon & Al, 27 and 28years old – French

Originally from Brittany, the fresh ocean breeze forged us for adventures. We started traveling during our studies, with a semester in Spain and 2 working years in Bali for one, and one semester in Canada, an internship in Australia and a year working in Miami for the other one, all that with some travels in Asia mostly.