Christina and Elvita - Austria and Latvia


10924224_751869418225974_4176894021804570162_oWe are just back from our trip in New Zealand. We were traveling with other friends but we took different flights. So we are now waiting for them to celebrate the birthday of Christina. 

Elvita : ‘We are studying in Sydney but we decided to travel together in New Zealand with some other friends. There is something amazing about New Zealand. You can see so many different landscapes in a single day and every time I was saying ‘Wow Wow Wow’. You go from the beach to the flat mountain and the mountain to see the snow. I already knew that I didn’t want to live in a big city, but this trip confirm this idea, I hate big cities.’ Christina : ‘I have a blog in Germany and by being here I learnt a lot about cooking from my others flatmates. This is an other way to learn from others as well and my way to learn other cultures as food is completely part of the culture for some countries.’

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