Dominique, Lorine and Gary


10012742_693278300751753_754801582041296746_oDominique ‘My girlfriend and me decided to look for other people to travel. It is cheaper to share the fuel costs, you have nice influences and have more ideas what to do in a place. It is also more fun to spend time together as we are camping and we don’t stay in hostels often. We are 4 nations in one car, so we often exchange about our country and we discover similarities and also differences. Lorine : ‘We met each other on Gumtree. I posted an ad and Dominique sent me an email to meet up. We had pretty much the same plan so we decided to travel together. To be honest we get to know each other during the road trip. You have sometime good or bad suprises. But it is part of the game. Gary : ‘I arrived in Sydney on 07/06 and flew into Perth the next morning. I decided to travel with the guys as my first road trip up the west coast was sadly cancelled after one week as the French guys father died whilst we where on the road. I was back in Perth and wanted to head north as soon as possible so decided to travel with this crew despite being worried about traveling with a young couple. I really enjoyed traveling with them as we shared many funny stories and stuff about our cultures whilst in our tent and on the road.

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