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Jasmine & Jake – Australians

“We were both on the perfect path to happiness and success. Jake owned his own successful chiropractic practice in Noosa Australia (one of the most popular backpacker destinations for everyone visiting Aus). Jaz was navigating a successful career in corporate world of Sydney in Marketing and Advertising for big multinational companies. We had it all, but we both felt something was missing from our lives. We felt like there had to be more out there.

Soon, we began to realise that the ‘Australian Dream’ was not our dream. We did not want to work for 40 years in the same job that we could barely tolerate, just so that we could pay off a mortgage we could never afford while hoping to save enough each year to go on a holiday.

Instead of continuing down that path, we decided to Zig while the rest of the world was Zagging.

We sold everything we owned, including Jake’s business, his beloved surf boards (which is a big deal) and even Jaz’s shoe collection. We set of and started traveling, doing something we both loved, in the hope of fuelling our fires again, finding new passions and having a bloody good time along the way.

Our goal is to become location independent. Be able to travel the world full-time with ultimate freedom, while creating a business that supports our lifestyle and creating a legacy that lives longer than us. We are doing this not just for ourselves but also our future children. We want them to live a colourful life and learn the lessons that only can come from traveling. We want to be able to inspire them that they can do anything they put their mind to. A ‘normal’ life does not provide these opportunities, so we are making our own life.

We are also doing this for you. When we started traveling, we realised that so many people were in the same boat as what we were. We found this out through telling our story, and listening to theirs. Many people desperately want to do something different with their lives, something that inspires them and makes them feel alive. Not necessarily traveling, but maybe they wanted to start a business, or trade in the job they hate to follow their music dreams or sewing hobby. There are infinite possibilities here, but we found there was one common theme that kept people from doing what they loved – People are scared to step away from the well worn path, scared to disappoint and scared to fail. We want to use our story to inspire others to take the risk at doing what they love. Sure it is frightening, sure it is challenging and sure you might fail. But it is incredibly rewarding and you grow so much.

What would a world look if everyone stopped going what they hated, and started doing what they love? Through our travels and in our lifetime, we want to be able to experience the answer to this question. “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carrey.

We hope our story is able to inspire you to take action towards living the life of your dreams, not just the life you are expected to lead. Inspire you to take risks and live boldly. From our experience the hardest part of making this transition is simply deciding, once you make this decision you begin to create massive momentum in carving our your own path.

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Website: www.findandsea.com

Jasmine and Jake

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