Jonathan - french

Jonathan – 23 years old – 93 days in Australia


I’ve left home when I was 18yo. I have decided to go to London with a friend. We were young and wanted to learn english and do something different. But one week before leaving my friend took the decision to not to go anymore, that didn’t stop me ! I’ve planned to spend only one year in London, and I found myself staying longer than I thought, 5 years. I have learned that in this city you can get everything in a matter of days, a flat, a nice job and new friends but you can loose it all within a day.

I came to Australia because Bill Molisson, the father of the permaculture is Australian. I expected to learn a lot about this new way of living. Bill Molisson had a farm and today you can learn about permaculture there. But in our days you have to pay for everything and it is expensive to take this class so I will have to wait and get enough money first before going there. I wish I could learn about it as a father teach his child about life. This is not about money this is about sharing knowledges.

One day when I will know enough I just want to have my own property in Europe and open my own permaculture/healthy lifestyle center. I would love to share with the people how to live a better and healthier lifestyle. Not only for the people who come along but also for the good of the earth. Anyone who want to learn about it or just hep will be welcomed.

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