Joschka - German


For me, Australia means freedom. Not depending on anything. The freedom to go where ever you want, the freedom to quit your job when ever you want and the freedom to do what ever you want. The freedom of being on your own for the first time. That’s why I bought a car and that’s why I came over by myself. I bought my car in Sydney and on the same day I drove into the Blue Mountains, found my own camp spot somewhere in the nature, cooked my first pasta on the camp stove and enjoyed the first night in my car. I could hear the sound of water and so many animals. On the next morning, I discovered a waterfall close to my camp. I started traveling and exploring the area around Sydney, I didn’t have a real plan where to go first and where to look for a job, but one day the idea came in to my mind, to go to Darwin. For any reason, just by it’s name, Darwin was fascinating to me. I didn’t hear much about it before, I couldn’t imagine how it’s like, so I wanted to go there and see the Outback on my way up. From Newcastle (that’s just a few kilometers above Sydney) to Darwin – that’s a far far way. A few thousands kilometers, and just a few thousands inhabitants. I just started driving, went up north-west using a map to decide which highways to take, passed villages you can’t even find in the Lonely Planet. saw many emus, hundreds of kangaroos and millions of stars. And the endless landscapes of Australia. That is freedom ! 

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