Julien - french

Julien – 26 years old – Fench – 475 days in Australia


‘I have always liked English and had a very good level in school already. When I went to Toronto and took 4 months of English classes, I became fluent. After being in London for 3 months and Berlin for 4 months I realized that I was good enough to write and rap in that language, something that I had unsuccessfully tried in the past. So I created and performed my first creation as much as I could for the next 6 months in Berlin. English allowed me to write differently, in a more metaphoric and implicit way, which I prefer over the accuracy of my mother tongue. I can express so much in just a few words, but it also puts a certain distance allowing me to release a lot of emotion without restraint.

After being in and out of home for 4 years, I wanted to at least have a lead on what kind of life I want for myself. It sort of was, if there was any, the purpose of my travels. I knew I wanted to go to Australia but sort of saved it for the day I would need evasion, freedom, a breath of fresh air. But my best friend was here and I would feel like missing something if I didn’t go now. Did Australia change something for me? To be honest, if feels like it slowed me down on my musical project therefore in my life in general. But traveling as a backpacker and working as a woofer are unique experiences that I could have only had in this country. And more experience means more knowledge, and more inspiration. So if I could get past the frustration caused by the impossibility to make music for now, I would appreciate the fact that I need to experience life in all its aspects in order to become a true artist. And this is what I’m doing here, I guess.’

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