Julien - French

Julien – French

‘In 2013, I worked as an intern for a travel company in Paris. I planned to visit Morocco for 2 weeks at the end of this internship, it was a dream for several years.

I bought my low-cost tickets in March for this Summer trip. On the 28th of July, two days before the departure, two things happened :
– I broke my phone
– I lost my credit card (I found it some weeks later in a shirt pocket).
Thanks, karma..and I had only 30 euros in my wallet.

I could not cancel this trip, I didn’t want to ask for any help. I had to go. I said to myself “Let’s go like that…without a phone and just 30 euros, it will be a challenge”. It was not my first trip backpacking but it was a great experience because I was totally out of my comfort zone. And most of the time, the best things happen in this way.

It was quite tough, I walked a lot and it was like 43°C every day. I went to cyber to find hosts on Couchsurfing. I was lucky and I met some really nice people…even if, one night, I had to sleep on a bench at Jemaa el-Fnaa. I was not very at ease (even not terrified) but it’s a funny memory for me now. On top of that, it was Ramadan. Of course, I learned it once on the spot, I didn’t check it before (yes, I am a scatterbrain but you get it). It makes this trip very special because I stayed in Moroccan families. And their hospitality was fabulous!

To conclude, I’m sure that with a phone and a credit card, I could not live this kind of experience. Nowadays, I keep on traveling on a budget and lightly but I avoid leaving with empty pockets 😉.’

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