Pinalife - Argentina

Manon & Al, 27 and 28years old – French

Originally from Brittany, the fresh ocean breeze forged us for adventures. We started traveling during our studies, with a semester in Spain and 2 working years in Bali for one, and one semester in Canada, an internship in Australia and a year working in Miami for the other one, all that with some travels in Asia mostly.

Upon our return to Europe in 2017, we both had satisfying jobs. Anne-Laure as Digital Product Owner in the tourism industry in Lyon and Manon as Product Manager in the Fashion e-commerce industry in Barcelona. Each one of our positions were bringing us proudness and responsibilities but every single time we met each other, we couldn’t help but talk about travel, adventures, and discoveries.

At the end of 2017, we went through a very difficult time as AL’s dad past away. This desperate event made us realize that we had to enjoy our short lives to the fullest, doing what we love the most. AL’s father went to visit her when she was living in Bali and they shared magical moments there. We wanted and needed more of those happy moments that bond families, friends, and strangers together.
We knew that the only thing which could make us perfectly happy and fulfilled was to break the classic scheme of life, break the rules and make it happen. And we knew that living this experience of a lifetime together would be so good for us as a couple.

Our project on a world tour was born here. During 8 months, we organized, planned, dreamed and prepared the travel of our lives.

One of us obtained a Gap year with her work while the other decided to quit. Manon moved to Lyon to plan the project closer together. Up to 4 months from the big day, we started to sell some of our clothes, our household electrical and our furniture. We explored dozens of blogs, websites and interrogated our entourage to seek for the best advices to be ready. We then went back to our families in Brittany, North West of France, to enjoy Christmas with them before taking off for the best moments of our lives.

What was the most difficult?
AL : ‘Announce to my mother and sister that we leave for 8 months.’

Manon : ‘Not a thing… probably the waiting time before leaving!’

What is the most exciting?
AL : ‘To leave my comfort zone, exceed my self-limits, discover amazing landscapes and people and all the beautiful sunsets that await us.’

Manon : ‘ALL OF IT. Waking up every morning knowing that I will be discovering something new, meet new people and end most of my days with a fabulous sunset with my favorite person. I’m so grateful, so lucky to be able to live all of this.’

Our world tour has started on January 14th 2019 with Argentina. You can follow our adventures et share yours with us on @pinalifetrip! 🍍🌎

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