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Marco and Fran – Philippines/Argentina

Marco, 40 years old from The Philippines 🇵🇭 & Fran, 28 years old from Argentina 🇦🇷 Traveling the world full-time for 2.5 years

We met because of travelling. From opposite sides of the world (The Philippines and Argentina) but united because of travelling. We experienced international dates in many different parts of the world (India, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, etc.), and we went through a long-distance relationship until 2017. When we’re in Brazil for the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, we decided to make travelling our lifestyle and discover new passions along the way. We made the decision, started planning, and saving, and then in 2018, we quit our corporate jobs and started @maptheunknown

That was the best decision of our lives. The past 2.5 years were the years where we felt the most alive. All the experiences that we remembered have that in common. We felt alive. Every day is a new wake up we wake up, and not because there is already a routine waiting for us, we wake up excited for the day and the new adventures and opportunities ahead of us. We started travelling in our own countries. Six months by boat in the Philippines, then six months hitchhiking in Argentina, from south to north, and now we are house sitting around the world. We’ve lived in 12 different countries across Asia, North America, and South America. Along these years, we faced many challenges and have countless adventures, and we realized #3 main things:

  1. There is a whole new world full of possibilities. There are different lifestyles as much as human beings in this world.
  2. Travelling is not about money. It’s about courage: the courage to hitchhike, to do Couchsurfing, to learn a new language, to not know, to suck at something new, to start from zero, etc.
  3. It’s possible to live a different life where you get to choose what you want to do. Those opportunities are out there for all of us; we need to change the way we see that world.

Our dream is to continue travelling the world, collecting priceless memories instead of material things and living a lifestyle of freedom where we can do what we love wherever we want and be together. We love to help other people who want to make the change into a travelling lifestyle, so please feel free to drop us a message and follow us on IG @maptheunknown 🙂 for many more years of adventures around the world.

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