Marty - Australian

Marty – 24 years old – Australian

10849053_759883100757939_2289582885711002761_o (1)   ‘Few years ago I did a one year world tour visiting Canada, US, South America, Europe and Asia, sometime with friend, sometime on my own. I first started with a friend in Canada, US, South America and when we were in Europe we wanted to visit different countries so we decided to travel separately. I went to Norway, Finland, Latvia, Bosnia and Kosovo. When I met my friend again in Spain I realized that I couldn’t keep traveling with him because we lived different experiences and we were not looking for the same aim, I was in a different mood. I can tell you many adventures and stories I had during this trip. In Kosovo, I met an Australian family who moved there because the dad was originally from Kosovo and after the war they just decided to go back to Kosovo in order to help to build up the country again. When I took the decision to travel to Iran, I only told my mum and a friend. I remember that I had my mum on the phone and when I told her about my trip in this country she started crying because she was scared. But I have to say that I had one of my best time in this country In India, in Mumbai exactly, we wanted to go out in a famous café at night after a nap. We had to be at the café around 7pm but we woke up at 6.30pm so we finally decided to go the day after. The same night we’ve heard from the news about the terrorist attack in this place. Now I decided to set up my life, earning enough money to buy a house and keep some money to travel with my kids in the future. There is one place that I you would love to visit when I would have a family : Iceland !’

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