Nicole and Stefano - Italians



‘When we were still in Italy we thought that being a backpacker was something amazing and we realize now that is absolutely true ! But it is also the hardest thing that we have ever done in our life ! In a really short time, we were in a new place with an another language looking for job completely alone ! From this time our relationship changed forever. We started to be each other more than being lovers only, we started to be a real family ! We used to speak, sing and drive 24/7 during our road trip and this is the most beautiful time we spent together. We started to learn to be happy in the nature without technology, party or friends and so we got to know each other better than ever.

We drove thousands of kilometers around Australia always together and now we appreciate simple things like cooking in the middle of nowhere under the stars or waking up in the morning with a beautiful sunrise on the beach. In Europe, we gave less importance to this kind of moment, preferring to party or have big diner in restaurant rather than enjoying simple moment like a sunrise ! For us becoming backpackers is more than a dream is a way to live. Sometimes is not easy at all but thanks to this experience we will be stronger and ready to do everything together all around the world !’

We are together for 3 years now from the same city in Italy. We started our trip in Australia from Albany (Western Australia), then worked in Margaret River for 5 months and then we started our road trip to Darwin where we stopped and worked for more than 2 months ! After we drove from Darwin to Cairns and we are now traveling on the east coast …

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