Nora / Julian / Helena / Eva - German



A group of German Backpackers going on road trip together for the first time. They didn’t know each others few days ago but today, they go on the road to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.

EVA : ‘Helena and me are friends, we were in Vietnam before for holidays. We just arrived in Sydney two weeks ago so this is our first road trip in Australia.’

NORA : ‘I’m in Australia fro 4 months now so it’s gonna be my first road trip as well. We had to leave this morning at 11am but Julian had a problem last night.

JULIAN : ‘Someone stole my wallet and my phone last night. I was sleeping on a bench and when I woke up I didn’t have my wallet and my phone on me. I went to the Police Station to report the theft, then they just gave me a number to call my bank and block my credit card. They also gave me a ‘victims pass’ for the train. It was 3am so I decided to go back to the place where I slept to check again if there were nothing left there and finally I found back my wallet with my credit card but no money in it anymore. I had only 10$ coins so not much to worry. I couldn’t find back my phone. But in this bad time I had a little bit of luck, checking my wallet I found again a voucher for free breakfast from the backpack I staid, eleven months ago when I arrived in Sydney. So this morning I had a great breakfast with toasts, jam, cereal and even an orange juice. For me, it’s gonna be my last road trip as I’m leaving Australia in February.’

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