Sam - French

Sam – French – 29 years old – 132 days in Australia


I met Sam few month ago and started to work on his story. We kept in touch until now and when I wanted to publish his picture he decided to add something and you will understand at the end why it was so important. Here is his story : ‘My way to travel is to follow my guts and my dreams. I have been traveling for 10 years now. When I did my first big trip I was 19. I was in Europe with a group of 5 persons. Things we saw were amazing but I realized really fast that I was different. I wasn’t made to stay in a group but made to meet new people around the world. This is what makes the difference for me, the people you meet ! But the saddest point is when you have to leave while you are spending time with great guys. I have been in this situation many times and I missed my flights on purpose to stay a bit longer. After this European trip, I felt a big hole in my life. I thought I had the best time of my life, maybe forever. 10 years later, after traveling around the world, I’m now in the pacific. And this is actually the best time of my life again. My goal was to visit Australia but Asia too. As I write those words, I’m about to leave Australia to go to my first Asian destination : Indonesia. I can say I’m excited because I stayed a long time in the same place in Australia and for me traveling is all about moving every time. I think I can stay somewhere but I need people I can consider as my friends to be able to do that. Or love !! I will probably regret the fact that I missed awesome places in Australia, but I think Asia is a better place for the culture. If I have something to keep in mind about Australia it will be about one girl and one situation. I was in Harvey beach, and two Aussies said ‘hey you in the tent, you have a beautiful accent. Join us on the beach !’ My mates were tired but I thought that I was not here to sleep. So I met the girls on the beach, and this was 2 awesome persons.

Few months after I met Sam, we kept in touch and he wanted to add something important to his story. 

‘My trip in Indonesia was awesome, beautiful country and people. What I was telling you before happened : I travelled 2 weeks in south Thailand with friends, then I reached Bangkok. It is a huge city with huge parties. I feel like I need to stay for a while, and because I really like Thailand I would like to settle my life here for a moment. I applied for a lot of jobs, finally found one, but I had to quit because I didn’t get my visa. My biggest moment here was when I met Tika and dated her. We have been together for 3 months now I can say I’m having the best time of my life. In some point I regret to do not continue to visit the other countries on my bucket list but I think I am with awesome people… Tika is 25 years old, she left Indonesia to travel in South Asia, she became Au-pair. Even if she is bored about the job and because she wants to work in economy, she is still happy to live the Thai experience.’

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