Sandra - German


1531633_744644418948474_8443444174004227262_oWhere did you spent New Year Eve ? 

‘We spend 19 hours waiting to see the firework in Sydney. We arrived in the morning at 6am at the place and it was already full, people were even camping for few days. But if you are in Sydney you really have to do it, it’s worth it, it was amazing.’

You are leaving Oz in a week can you tell me some of your experiences ?

‘When I was on Frazer Island I think a spider bit me because my arm was big and it was so painful that I couldn’t move it down. It took me 3 days to get my arm back as normal. And on my forehead, I don’t know what happened, it was the first night on Frazer Island again, we were drunk, we went to the beach, we came back from the beach and I had an injury but I don’t remember how I got this. Maybe a tree or something else. I just fell in sleep and in the morning I looked at it, it looked like it was opened. I was really looking like a crash, like I had a car accident.

In Byron Bay we went to the light House and we met a man on the way. He told us there was a big spider but he didn’t told us where. We still had to walk for 30 minutes more with the fcat in mind, we could meet at anytime this big spider and I hate spiders. We were just looking up and down, looking for the big spider and we finally found it, it was hanging in a tree and yes it was really a big spider.

I went to Taronga Zoo and there is a replica of an anaconda, maybe 10 meters long and I don’t know what I would do if I see a one like that. Maybe take a selfie, ah ah ah, my last selfie’ (joke).

During our Lietchfield tour we have been to the Jumping Crocs, the girl started the boat and said now the river is gonna be full of crocodiles for the next 2 kilometers and there are living 800 crocodiles and the longest one is about 6.5 meters. And then she said ‘if you are falling out of the boat, I can’t guarantee that I will be faster than the crocodiles’. Wonderful !

But all of that is kinda of normal for Australian guys, they pretty used to it and you just have to be careful. I remember, one day I was at the beach and I saw some black thing in the water and I was thinking it was maybe a dolphin because it was not so big and close. Then I came back and ask if there is black dolphins around and the girl said ‘no, no black dolphins but black sharks yes’ which seemed quite normal for her. ‘Wonderful again ! 15 meters away from me, I was standing with shark in the water.

You must read the book ‘See Australia and Die’, I was reading it on a tour because the tour guide had it and there are a lot of crazy cases how a lot of people died from sharks, jellyfish, crocodiles, , … I will take this book home and say ‘see, I survive to Australia.’

Australia is an amazing place for wildlife and it is also part of the adventure here. Like lot of places on earth, animals and insects could be dangerous but everyone knows that we have to be more carefully when we are walking in Parks, going to the bush, swimming in rivers or sea, … Please, just respect signs. 

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