Amy and Sarah

Amy & Sarah – Australians

‘We are Amy and Sarah, two adventurous twins from Newcastle Australia who have an intense passion for everything travel.

We caught the travel bug big time in 2012 when we first embarked on an international trip – to NZ! After that trip, we made it our goal to constantly save, travel, save and travel! This idea was all well and good until a couple of years in when we realized that post-holiday depression was a real problem…It is an exhausting process coming home after being on such a high and having to start from scratch with the years of saving.
Since then it has been our ultimate dream to travel full-time and work on the road to fund our continuous travels, basically a complete lifestyle change.

MOOSKi Adventures started as an Instagram account in October 2016, on our best friends’ wedding day in New York City. We felt so inspired during this very special time, that we decided to finally create a joint Instagram Account to share our photography and travel stories.
MOOSKi is simply a name we were both called as kids ‘Amy mooski’ and ‘Sarah mooski’, and it was one of the many Insta name options we threw around that day – it has since stuck!

A year later in 2017, we began our next chapter by purchasing our home on wheels ‘Betty’, named after our younger sister Elizabeth. We had traveled quite a bit internationally and people would ask us ‘What can I do in Australia?’, and we had no idea as we hadn’t traveled any of our own country! We thought why ‘wait until you retire’, what is stopping us from doing it now? In February 2018 after months of saving a backup fund, we had left our hospitality jobs to pursue our dreams of full-time travel and are currently exploring and capturing all of the magic of down under!

We love photography and being able to share our travel adventures, so we decided to really invest our time and money into purchasing some gear and self refining our skills to make some money on the road to keep the Betty ‘Kitty’ fund topped up..

So far, so good!
Thanks for reading our story 🙂’
Amy & Sarah”

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