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Jessie - Dutch

Jessie – Dutch

‘Sometimes love happens to you on the other side of the world.

Personally, backpacking started out as a way to challenge myself in life and develop myself by meeting others. Working as a nurse I got to meet a lot of different people. Most people with a lot of life experience. I saw kids being born and I saw people pass away. Dealing with life and death made me realize that we all have this enormous gift called life: …

Vijay - India

Vijay – Indian – 68 years old

‘I am sixty eight years old and for me traveling is in my blood for a long time. Now, I’m doing meditation at the Wat Tam Wua Monastery in North Thailand and tomorrow I will be in Australia, landing in Sydney and going back on the road, hitchhiking again to go to an other monastery for more meditation…

Jonathan - Peru

Jonathan – Peruvian – 32 years old

I started my trip to Asia in November 2015; I was given the challenge to travel around Asia for at least six months. I never thought of moving for such a long time, I’ve always been a person who likes the quietness of his life in his country with work, family, and friends who will always be there for him. So leaving this comfortable situation in which I had lived for many years, was the challenge. When I accepted, I started doubting because I was not sure about living a life full of uncertainty in which I did not know what could happen.


Morgane – French – 25 years old – 360 days in Australia

‘To start from the beginning, I studied in a communication school, I got the job I wanted but I understood after a while that the environment where I was working was not made for me. I was not even comfortable with the role of my job as a strategic planner deciding when, how and why people should buy and consume a product or use a service…