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Vijay - India

Vijay – Indian – 68 years old

‘I am sixty eight years old and for me traveling is in my blood for a long time. Now, I’m doing meditation at the Wat Tam Wua Monastery in North Thailand and tomorrow I will be in Australia, landing in Sydney and going back on the road, hitchhiking again to go to an other monastery for more meditation…

Jonathan - Peru

Jonathan – Peruvian – 32 years old

I started my trip to Asia in November 2015; I was given the challenge to travel around Asia for at least six months. I never thought of moving for such a long time, I’ve always been a person who likes the quietness of his life in his country with work, family, and friends who will always be there for him. So leaving this comfortable situation in which I had lived for many years, was the challenge. When I accepted, I started doubting because I was not sure about living a life full of uncertainty in which I did not know what could happen.

Yok - Thai

Yok – Thai – 18 years old

I met Yok in a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he is working as a waiter. He noticed that I was french and directly started to talk to me in my language. I have to say that this 18 years old boy really surprised me. Confident, mindfulness, smart and fluent in french after studying only three years at school, he understand perfectly issues in his life and in his country and already has a beautiful vision of his future.

Hiro Yuky - Japan

Hiro Yuki – Japan – 33 years old – Traveling Indonesia

‘I started to travel when I was 18 years old. It was something I had inside me for a long time and it came up naturally after high school. I had an interest of travel in my mind, I just had to start traveling for this to be part of my life, not only part of my mind.