Vijay - India

Vijay – Indian – 68 years old

‘I am sixty eight years old and for me traveling is in my blood for a long time. Now, I’m doing meditation at the Wat Tam Wua Monastery in North Thailand and tomorrow I will be in Australia, landing in Sydney and going back on the road, hitchhiking again to go to an other monastery for more meditation.

I am retired in India, drawing a little pension and I need to go back there three months of the year to give notice to administration that I’m still alive to keep my pension. The rest of the year, I am traveling around Asia and hitchhiking most of the time.

My trips are always full of suprised and as I am traveling with a small amount of money, I always have to find new ways to sleep and eat. But it has never been a problem for me as people have always been generous with me.

I’m old but my energy comes from my mind and my peacefulness. I know at the end of my life I will be happy because I lived for what I’m born. When you are old, you look back at your life and today too many people have regrets, they mainly regret what they didn’t do because they did things to suit to others. For me, I will have no regret because I did most of what I wanted to do.

We are humans to live a life and follow our dream. If you don’t realize your dream, this thing which is inside you, which makes your heart beating, what are you living for ? If you doubt all your life about your dream, how can you become the real person ? Yes, we struggle, it could be difficult to achieve the dream, there is no straight line, but what a satisfaction at the end. You can then dream again and don’t be haunted by the regrets.’

And you, will you still be a backpacker at 68 years old ?

When I asked Vijay to take a picture of him, he said :
‘Keep the memory of me in your mind, this is the best way you can picture me’.

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