Viola, Miky and Caroline - Italians and French

VIOLA – MIKY – traveling with CAROLINE 30/29/30 YEARS OLD – 289/215 DAYS IN AUSTRALIA


Viola and Miky : ‘Finally we found a place where it is possible for young people like us, to enjoy the life and think about the future. Traveling without making plans just following the good mood, meeting people with different stories, cultures and languages, learning a non native language, leaving without comfort when your car become your house, … But at the end everyday give us something more for your life, it  is like a little treasure you have to save. So take care, enjoy traveling and … follow the sun !’ Caroline : ‘Everything changed for me since I am in Australia. I hadn’t the same life in France. Here I feel more free to do what I need in my life to be happy. If I feel bad somewhere, I am not afraid to go somewhere else and this way I learnt a lot about myself. I am traveling on my own and I am very proud of this because it is hard sometimes but I always met such great people. I feel like I am 20 years old!’

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