Yok - Thai

Yok – Thai – 18 years old

I met Yok in a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he is working as a waiter. He noticed that I was french and directly started to talk to me in my language. I have to say that this 18 years old boy really surprised me. Confident, mindfulness, smart and fluent in french after studying only three years at school, he understand perfectly issues in his life and in his country and already has a beautiful vision of his future.

‘I have three dreams in my life. As one will probably stay a dream, I’m gonna work hard on the two others to become reality.

My first dream is to become a teacher. I am currently learning french and english, but french is the one I love the most. I moved few years ago from my hometown to go to school in Chiang Mai where it is possible for me to learn languages. I’m currently living with my aunt for the moment and will return soon to my parents house after being graduated. I am passionated about languages and I really want to continue and learn more. So I choose the university where there is a lot of exchange students with who I can talk. This way I can also become an exchange student and go to France to study. What I really want as well is to travel France with my family, it’s maybe a cliché but I want to take a picture of us together in front of the Tour Eiffel. In my wallet, I keep with me a picture of the Louvre Pyramid, where I want to go. This way I always remember what is my dream and why I’m studying and working. My goal, my dream ! Being a teacher is a beautiful job, because it is all about transmitting knowledges and passion. When I will be older, I want to be a teacher for young kids and teach them languages for free. It is important to know other language to connect better with people and the world.

My second dream is to become an ambassador but regarding my situation it will be difficult. Only few people can get access to that job and it is mostly because they studied in big school and have a lot of money or connection. Even though, I still keep it as one of my dream, but one point doesn’t attract me, is losing a part of my freedom. Being an ambassador reduce your freedom of going anywhere you want, when you want. And my freedom is important. I will never let a job take it away. Freedom makes me happy, and in my religion, the buddhism, when you’re happy you can share happiness with people around you, and you attract happy people to surround you.

Finally my third and last dream is to become a guide, because I love talking to people. In Chiang Mai and Thailand there is a lot of tourists. I can talk to them and tell them about my story and the History of my country. That’s also why I’m studying hard the french language, I know lot of french people come to Thailand and I can help them. It is also a good money and if I have enough I can go to France with my family and take the picture I always wanted in front of the Tour Eiffel.’

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