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You can now get a cheap flight from Australia to Europe with Qatar Airways

When it comes to buying a flight ticket to travel to Europe or go back home for backpackers, we can all spend several hours on the internet trying to find the best deal ever. And sometimes we get a reasonable price but not what we expected. Here is a trick to get cheap flight tickets from Australia to Europe with Qatar Airways for less than 780AUD (477euros). Please read the article until the end to make sure you do the right thing.

How does it work?

So there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Visit the Qatar Airways website only and book your flight from their website. At this stage, you can book whatever date or city you want from Australia to Europe.
  2. Call this number from Australia 1 300 340 600 and ask the customer service to change your flight: the date, the city of departure, and the city of arrival.

For example, you would like to travel from Sydney to Paris between the 16th and the 31st of October 2020, but the lowest price is only 1021,78$. So, here is the trick! Book a flight from Sydney to Brussels for the 20th of October 2020, as you can see in the picture below, the lowest price will be 781,18$ for a flight only operated by Qatar Airways. Then, call the number above and ask customer service to change your trip for whatever date you want from Sydney to Paris. And this is how you get your cheap flight from Australia to Europe with Qatar Airways for only 781,18$ (478euros).

It is important to make sure Qatar Airways only operates your flight for the whole trip. It also has to do its stopover at Doha Airport. You won’t be able to change your flight ticket if it is operated by another company. Also, make sure your ticket is booked for a flight before December, 31st, 2020, and within 5,000 miles (8,046km) of your original destination.

Why is this working ?

Because of COVID-19, Qatar Airways has changed several rules in the terms and conditions. Indeed, one of them is the “Unlimited changes: change your travel date or destination free of charge.” Visit Qatar Airways website for more details.

Important: This procedure is not a 100% guarantee to work. Some people called the customer service several times before one of them finally agreed to make the changes. People from the customer service will also tell you that charges may apply but you should never pay the extra charges asked. People who have tried this process have said they didn’t get any additional charges. The company has to stick to its new terms and conditions.

This post is not sponsored by Qatar Airways.

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