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Reopening of the iconic 9th floor of the Eaton Centre

A mythical place is reborn! After more than two decades of neglect, the 9th floor of the Eaton Centre, an Art Deco haven of peace in the heart of Montreal, is set to reopen its doors in May 2024. This mecca for gastronomy and social events will come back to life, reviving the lustre of a bygone era and promising an extraordinary culinary and cultural experience.

Le 9e Centre Eaton Montréal

The 9th Eaton Centre: An art deco jewel resurrected in Montreal

A priceless architectural legacy

Designed by French architect Jacques Carlu, the undisputed master of Art Deco, the 9th floor of the Eaton Centre is distinguished by its timeless elegance and sumptuous décor. Classified as a historic monument, it is a jewel of Montreal’s heritage, and bears witness to the effervescence of a bygone era.

A long-awaited renaissance

The reopening of the 9th floor of the Eaton Centre is the fruit of a passionate collaboration between visionary entrepreneurs and seasoned craftsmen. The goal? To breathe new life into this iconic location, while preserving its authenticity and unique character.

An immersive experience

The 9th floor of the Eaton Centre will offer an immersive experience through time. The “Île-de-France” restaurant, restored to its original decor, will transport guests to the glamorous atmosphere of the 1930s. Two private dining rooms, “Gold” and “Silver”, will offer a refined setting for unforgettable evenings.

A cultural crossroads

The Grande Salle, with a capacity of 250 to 400 people, will host a rich and varied program of events: shows, exhibitions, conferences, weddings and corporate events. The 9th floor of the Eaton Centre is thus positioned as the city’s new cultural hub.

A symbol of Montreal’s renewal

The reopening of the 9th floor of the Eaton Centre symbolizes the vitality and dynamism of Montreal. This mythical building has risen from the ashes, embodying the desire to preserve our heritage while embracing the future. The 9th floor is poised to write a new chapter in its history, contributing to the attractiveness and international influence of Montreal.

The 9th floor of the Eaton Centre: a must-see destination for gourmets, history buffs and lovers of Montreal. We’re all looking forward to its reopening.

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Booking and information for Le 9e :

  • Official opening: May 2024
  • Restaurant “Île-de-France” : 120 seats
  • La Grande Salle : 250 to 400 seats
  • Gold” and “Silver” private dining rooms
  • Cocktails Bar
  • Varied events program
  • Information and booking : le9emontreal/reservations
  • Website : le9montreal.com

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