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Montreal Chambly Velo


Montreal – Chambly itinerary by bike. 35km of cycle path on the Route Verte through forests, fields and the city. Find out about this getaway and what to do in Chambly once there.

Velo Montreal Ile du Seigneur - Le French Explorer

Cycling: from Montreal to Île du Seigneur

Do you like cycling? It’s time to explore the Île du Seigneur, just 1 hour from Montreal, by taking a 14 km long cycle path surrounded by the St. Lawrence River.


Relaxation weekend at Sacacomie

The Sacacomie hotel is a unique place located in an enchanting forest in the Mauricie region and less than 2 hours from Montreal.

Bonaventure Hotel - Montréal - Oasis

An oasis in the heart of Montreal

Escape from the city while staying in the city is possible! I had the chance to discover a real oasis in the heart of Montreal and enjoy 24hours in the Bonaventure Hotel. Heated pool, brunch, …

Tommy Café

My Top 5 Coffee Shops in Montréal

When I explore Montréal looking for a new coffee place, I am not looking for the best coffee in the city or the trendiest place. I am looking for a unique place either with arts, music or atmosphere.

Emerald Lake - Alberta - Jake Graham Photography

Where Canadians can travel right now.

With Covid19 still around, it is hard to know if and where Canadians can travel within Canada and internationally. Here are some useful tools to help you.

20 must visit in Australia

20 places you must visit in Australia this year

You are planning a road trip around Australia in 2020? And you don’t want to miss the big spots? I put together a list of 20 places that every backpackers should visit at least once. 

Map The Unknown

Marco and Fran – Philippines/Argentina

Marco, 40 years old from The Philippines & Fran, 28 years old from Argentina; Traveling the world full-time for 2.5 years. We met because of travelling.

Elizabeth Quay - Perth

10 best things to do in Perth for backpackers

Perth is the biggest city in Western Australia and there are plenty of things to do. But, did you know that it is also a vibrant city: beach, art, food, sport, nightlife, nature, …

The magic bus lifted in the air

Into the wild: the magic bus was moved

If you have read or watched “Into the Wild,” then you know what the magic bus is (also known as Bus 142). But on June 18th, 2020, the “magic bus” considered as too dangerous was moved from its original location in Alaska. Here are the reasons why it happened!

The story of Veronique – Canadian – 27 years old

I flew to Australia in March 2019. I have been working as a criminologist for the past four years with people that are at their lowest. And then, I realized I had the urgent need to think about myself for once. It was now or never. I left with a heavy heart and the world’s weight on my shoulders with one goal: free myself.