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Pirmin - German

Pirmin – German

‘I was studying philosophy back in Germany but I realized that it had no connection with the real life. I also broke up with my girlfriend and after that I really wanted to go somewhere…

Julien - French

Julien – French

‘In 2013, I worked as an intern for a travel company in Paris. I planned to visit Morocco for 2 weeks at the end of this internship, it was a dream for several years. I bought my low-cost tickets in March for this Summer trip. On the 28th of July, two days before the departure, two things happened…’

Pinalife - Argentina

Manon & Al, 27 and 28years old – French

Originally from Brittany, the fresh ocean breeze forged us for adventures. We started traveling during our studies, with a semester in Spain and 2 working years in Bali for one, and one semester in Canada, an internship in Australia and a year working in Miami for the other one, all that with some travels in Asia mostly.

Julien - french - 30 years old

Julien – French – 30 years old

It, ironically, all started with a plane phobia when I was a kid. NO ONE could have dragged me on a plane back then and I set my first foot in an aircraft at the age of 21 – who would have believed that less than ten years later the local airport would be my second home.

Amy and Sarah

Amy & Sarah – Australians

We are Amy and Sarah, two adventurous twins from Newcastle Australia who have an intense passion for everything travel. We caught the travel bug big time in 2012 when we first embarked on an international trip – to NZ! After that trip, we made it our goal to constantly save, travel, save and travel!


10 tips for backpacking Australia on a budget

Traveling in Australia could be expensive. Here is a list of 10 tips for backpacking Australia on budget, free tours, free food, free accommodation. Everything you need to know is here!