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10 tips for backpacking Australia on a budget

Traveling in Australia could be expensive. Here is a list of 10 tips for backpacking Australia on budget, free tours, free food, free accommodation. Everything you need to know is here!


Must see in Tasmania: 10 places to visit

Tasmania is home of incredible landscapes, wildlife, taste and art. Here is what you shouldn’t miss. From Hobart to Mount Wellington and Wineglass Bay …

Montreal Chambly Velo


Montreal – Chambly itinerary by bike. 35km of cycle path on the Route Verte through forests, fields and the city. Find out about this getaway and what to do in Chambly once there.

Bonaventure Hotel - Montréal - Oasis

An oasis in the heart of Montreal

Escape from the city while staying in the city is possible! I had the chance to discover a real oasis in the heart of Montreal and enjoy 24hours in the Bonaventure Hotel. Heated pool, brunch, …

Tommy Café

My Top 5 Coffee Shops in Montréal

When I explore Montreal looking for a new coffee place, I am not looking for the best coffee in the city or the trendiest place. I am looking for a unique place either with arts, music or atmosphere.

Elizabeth Quay - Perth

10 best things to do in Perth for backpackers

Perth is the biggest city in Western Australia and there are plenty of things to do. But, did you know that it is also a vibrant city: beach, art, food, sport, nightlife, nature, …