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My Top 5 Coffee Shops in Montréal

When I explore Montréal looking for a new coffee place, I am not looking for the best coffee in the city or the trendiest place. I am looking for a unique place either with arts, music, atmosphere.

For the story, when I was living in Melbourne back in 2016, I used to go to a different coffee shop every Tuesday (my day off). And I was always exploring the city to find a new unique place to enjoy a brunch or simply a cup of coffee. And I have to say that Montréal has amazing coffee shops, all with their style and characters. So, here are my 5 best coffee shops in Montréal. 

1. Café Lali

The beauty of Café Lali is that it is not only a coffee shop but also an Art Gallery – Carré des Artistes. I have the chance to know the two amazing owners of this place Anne-Marie (Café Lali, the daughter) and Isabelle (Carré des artistes, the mother). So the magic is you can enjoy a nice coffee surrounded by art works of talented artists. Café Lali is located in an old building of the Bank of Montréal in Griffintown. Definitely my favourite one! 
Address: 1850 Notre Dame Street West 

2. Maison Oflore

When you enter the café located on Avenue Duluth, you will be welcomed by Oumou or Hugo. What I love about this place is the fact that everything is homemade, their wine, lemonade, pastries, and cakes, … The place has a great vibe during the weekend as well when they organize concerts with music from Brazil or Argentina. 
Address : 511 Avenue Duluth Est 

3. La Graine Brûlée

Welcome to a playground! If you live in Montréal or only visiting, you have to go to La Graine Brûlée at least once to see what is a playground full of adults. You can study, work, read or play video games, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s the vibes of this place. Get ready to get back to childhood. 
Address : 921 Sainte Catherine Street


4. Café Orr

Café ORR is much more than a café, it’s an experience in itself! In fact, they describe themselves as a visual experience, a space that goes beyond the simple function of a café, where exchanges and encounters give way to creativity. It’s like being at home with friends, having a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.
Address: 5368 Av. Papineau, Montreal, QC H2H 1W2

Café Orr


I am not a big fan of very crowded places, especially coffee places, and I don’t go to Tommy for its vibes but more for its unique design. Plants are growing everywhere, and they choose to combine wood and white walls and ceilings for a minimalist touch. 
Address: 200 Notre Dame Street

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