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5 amazing places to discover in Québec


  1. Road 155 – Mauricie

Road155 is one of the most beautiful roads in Quebec, which runs along the Saint-Maurice River and crosses the Mauricie region for nearly 130 kilometers.
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Route 155 - Mauricie - Québec
Photo : tigerr_pic

 2. Kuururjuaq National Parc- Nunavi

Kuururjuaq National Park is 4,460.8 square kilometers, and seems to extend into infinity. You will find natural wonders such as Mont D’Iberville, which rises to 1646 meters above sea level. Although beautiful, this park is difficult to access.
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Le parc Kuururjuaq
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3. Poisson Blanc Regional Park  – Laurentides

Located between the Laurentides and the Outaouais, this immense lake is a perfect place to relax as it brings together many islands accessible only by waterway. 
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Parc Régional Poisson Blanc

4. The Pingualuit crater – Nunavik


For the record, a meteorite have crashed there, forming a crater with a 3.4 kilometers diameter. This very remote place located in the Nunavik region is difficult to access but not impossible. 
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Le cratère des Pingualuit
Pingualuit crater

5. Cap Alright Lighthouse – Îles de la Madeleine


This lighthouse, built in 1928, is easily accessible on foot for visitors to the Magdalen Islands. It has become an obligatory passage which makes it one of the most photographed places in the region.
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Phare du Cap Alright - îles de la Madeleine
Photo : mat_dupuis_photo

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