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Jasmine and Jake

Jasmine & Jake – Australians

“We were both on the perfect path to happiness and success. Jake owned his own successful chiropractic practice in Noosa Australia (one of the most popular backpacker destinations for everyone visiting Aus)…

Alex and Nanda Putthesuitaway

Alex and Nanda – 30 and 26 years old

‘We feel like we should share our personal backgrounds before introducing ourselves as a couple.
Nanda has been modeling professionally for 10 years in Brazil, China, and the Philippines…

Jessie - Dutch

Jessie – Dutch

‘Sometimes love happens to you on the other side of the world.

Personally, backpacking started out as a way to challenge myself in life and develop myself by meeting others. Working as a nurse I got to meet a lot of different people. Most people with a lot of life experience. I saw kids being born and I saw people pass away. Dealing with life and death made me realize that we all have this enormous gift called life: …

Vijay - India

Vijay – Indian – 68 years old

‘I am sixty eight years old and for me traveling is in my blood for a long time. Now, I’m doing meditation at the Wat Tam Wua Monastery in North Thailand and tomorrow I will be in Australia, landing in Sydney and going back on the road, hitchhiking again to go to an other monastery for more meditation…

Jonathan - Peru

Jonathan – Peruvian – 32 years old

I started my trip to Asia in November 2015; I was given the challenge to travel around Asia for at least six months. I never thought of moving for such a long time, I’ve always been a person who likes the quietness of his life in his country with work, family, and friends who will always be there for him. So leaving this comfortable situation in which I had lived for many years, was the challenge. When I accepted, I started doubting because I was not sure about living a life full of uncertainty in which I did not know what could happen.