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Milky Way Bar Montreal

5 must-do activities in April 2023 in Montreal

The weather still tricks us in April, and we never know what to do in Montreal. But here are 5 must-do activities to get out of your house. Miroir Miroir, Vues du Fleuve exhibition, a hidden bar or Candlelight concert.

Montréal en Lumières

5 must do activities in Montreal this February

To enjoy Montreal, you have to live Montreal! And especially in winter. From Montreal en Lumières to Nuit Blanche and all activities at Mont-Royal, here is a list of February’s must-do.

20 must visit in Australia

20 places you must visit in Australia this year

You are planning a road trip around Australia in 2020? And you don’t want to miss the big spots? I put together a list of 20 places that every backpackers should visit at least once.