Miroir Miroir Moment Factory Montréal
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Miroir Miroir, the new immersive experience of Moment Factory in Montreal

From April 4 to June 18, 2023, Moment Factory presents its newest immersive art experience in downtown Montreal: Miroir Miroir. Moment Factory’s installations are known for being truly multi-sensory experiences and this one is no exception.

Miroir Miroir Moment Factory Montréal

A dive into your dreams and imagination

This unique experience, which I highly recommend, invites you to interact with art installations inspired by memory, imagination, dreams and consciousness. Get caught up in the game and venture into this unique space as you would in your own imagination. Get lost, open your eyes wide, push open the doors, move forward and discover what your imagination has in store for you.

When you visit, your experience begins with three doors that will guide your wanderings. Each installation is designed to evoke different emotions and sensations. You will be invited to discover imaginary worlds, explore memories and connect to your own consciousness.

The installations use technology to create a breathtakingly immersive experience. For example, a river recreates the fluidity between the body and the mind, where each step you take triggers a sound. Or a forest of mirrors that offers you the opportunity to reflect on the multiple facets of your being.

Miroir Miroir is a unique immersive art experience that allows visitors to connect with their imagination and experience intense emotions. This magical experience will leave no one indifferent!

Miroir Miroir Moment Factory Montréal
Miroir Miroir Moment Factory Montréal
Miroir Miroir Moment Factory Montréal

Friday from 5pm to 9pm
Saturday from 11am to 9pm
Sunday from 1pm to 6pm

Duration : 30 to 40 minutes

Price: 15$
Adress: Place Bonaventure, 800 Rue De la Gauchetière O., Level 1 West Side, near the information desk.
Available in french and english. 

Click here for more information : miroirmiroirexperience by Fever

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