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New OASIS immersion experience: transformed

Discover the Oasis Immersion Transformed exhibition at the Palais des congrès de Montréal: a futuristic immersive experience that immerses you in inspiring and moving stories. Visitors are transported into fascinating visual and audio universes through a luminous and interactive journey lasting approximately 80 minutes, exploring contemporary issues such as mental health, compassion, inequalities, crossbreeding and wonder.

Firstly, Transformed is more than just an immersive art exhibition, but an invitation to see the world from another perspective. Through the eyes of various protagonists, we are invited to recognize the power of courage and empathy in our lives. Indeed, by putting themselves in the shoes of others, visitors can discover an inspiring perspective on real contemporary issues through 3 galleries:

The Gateway (Gallery 1) :
Relaxation and unwinding are the order of the day
The Teleporter (gallery 2) :
A stimulating and energizing space
The Panorama (gallery 3) :
The pièce de résistance; grandiose and inspiring

Not only is the Oasis Immersion Transformed exhibition the ideal activity for immersive art lovers and the curious in search of new and stimulating experiences. But with an intimate approach, this exhibition is a unique experience that fascinates and touches visitors of all ages.

In short, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this moving journey. Visit the Oasis Immersion Transformed exhibition and discover the power of empathy and courage in an ever-changing world.

Infos :
 33,50 $ (adult)
Time : 80 minutes 

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