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Issac – 27 years old – Thai

My name is Issac, and my family is originally from Nepal but now lives in Thailand. Never in my life, I traveled for a long journey, never I left my family, my friends, my home. I had the opportunity to go to Australia, and I took that chance. I landed 8,000 kilometers away from everything I ever knew in my life.

Jasmine and Jake

Jasmine & Jake – Australians

“We were both on the perfect path to happiness and success. Jake owned his own successful chiropractic practice in Noosa Australia (one of the most popular backpacker destinations for everyone visiting Aus)…

Jessie - Dutch

Jessie – Dutch

‘Sometimes love happens to you on the other side of the world.

Personally, backpacking started out as a way to challenge myself in life and develop myself by meeting others. Working as a nurse I got to meet a lot of different people. Most people with a lot of life experience. I saw kids being born and I saw people pass away. Dealing with life and death made me realize that we all have this enormous gift called life: …


Morgane – French – 25 years old – 360 days in Australia

‘To start from the beginning, I studied in a communication school, I got the job I wanted but I understood after a while that the environment where I was working was not made for me. I was not even comfortable with the role of my job as a strategic planner deciding when, how and why people should buy and consume a product or use a service…