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Visit the incredible Ice Hotel in Quebec

In winter, the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec offers a memorable winter experience to its visitors. This unique, magical and fascinating place is the only ice accommodation in America, welcoming thousands of people every year. A visit is a must!

A unique hotel to visit once in a lifetime.

The Hôtel de Glace de Québec is an exceptional establishment. This 5,000-square-meter structure offers all lucky to visit a unique and temporary experience.

10 things that make the Hôtel de Glace de Québec so fascinating

1. The hotel’s construction begins in November and ends in December.

2. The workers used 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice to build the hotel. They carve and cut blocks to erect walls, rooms, stairs and hallways.

3. Each room at the Hôtel de Glace is decorated with sculptures and frescoes, creating a unique visual experience for guests.

4. Visiting only the Hôtel de Glace is possible until 8 p.m.

5. The Hôtel de Glace de Québec also has an ice bar to enjoy drinks served in ice glasses.

6. The indoor temperature of the hotel ranges from -3 to -5 degrees Celsius, which is comfortable enough for those who are well-dressed.

7. It is possible to get married in the chapel of the Hôtel de Glace, fully equipped to receive guests.

8. If you feel like sleeping there overnight, know that customers sleep on beds covered with caribou skins and fur. The rooms are also equipped with mattresses and sleeping bags for more comfort.

9. This is a pop-up hotel only open between December and March.

10. For an even more complete Nordic experience, customers of the Hôtel de Glace have access to a sauna and jacuzzis.

Prices :

Daytime visit: $29.99 (Access from opening to 8 p.m. With access to the rooms)

Evening visit: $24.90 (Access from 8 p.m. to closing. No access to rooms).

Sleep at the Hôtel de Glace: from $399

Access: 2280 Bd Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, QC G0A 4S0

Website: valcartier.com

Plan - Hôtel de Glace 2023
Plan - Hôtel de Glace 2023

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