Expat’ Life


Relaxation weekend at Sacacomie

The Sacacomie hotel is a unique place located in an enchanting forest in the Mauricie region and less than 2 hours from Montreal.

Bonaventure Hotel - Montréal - Oasis

An oasis in the heart of Montreal

Escape from the city while staying in the city is possible! I had the chance to discover a real oasis in the heart of Montreal and enjoy 24hours in the Bonaventure Hotel. Heated pool, brunch, …

Tommy Café

My Top 5 Coffee Shops in Montréal

When I explore Montréal looking for a new coffee place, I am not looking for the best coffee in the city or the trendiest place. I am looking for a unique place either with arts, music or atmosphere.

Emerald Lake - Alberta - Jake Graham Photography

Where Canadians can travel right now.

With Covid19 still around, it is hard to know if and where Canadians can travel within Canada and internationally. Here are some useful tools to help you.