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Parc Tommy Thompson

A unique urban and wild place in Toronto: Tommy Thompson Park

A few minutes from the city center, there is a unique park where nature has reclaimed its rights with incredible flora and fauna. This park offers breathtaking views of the city of Toronto as well as Lake Ontario. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful places to discover in Toronto.

Velo Montreal Ile du Seigneur - Le French Explorer

Cycling: from Montreal to Île du Seigneur

Do you like cycling? It’s time to explore the Île du Seigneur, just 1 hour from Montreal, by taking a 14 km long cycle path surrounded by the St. Lawrence River.

Milky Way Bar Montreal

5 must-do activities in April 2023 in Montreal

The weather still tricks us in April, and we never know what to do in Montreal. But here are 5 must-do activities to get out of your house. Miroir Miroir, Vues du Fleuve exhibition, a hidden bar or Candlelight concert.