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The perfect hotel for teleworking in Quebec

Go to the hotel for a change of scenery

With the pandemic, telecommuting has become the norm. And like many, while I enjoy working in the comfort of my apartment, I have a hard time keeping my personal and professional life separate. With a computer a few meters away from you at all times, let’s face it, it can be challenging!

I am fortunate to live in a charming apartment a 5-minute walk from the Lachine Canal, which allows me to enjoy a pleasant living environment. Despite this, being in the same environment started to undermine my morale. The feeling of going around in circles has manifested itself on a more regular basis. So it’s decided, I pack my bag, and go!

Let's go to Entourage sur-le-lac

There are alternatives not very far from home for those who wish to leave the house to change air and work environment. For example, some hotels adapted to this pandemic by opening their rooms to teleworkers. It is the case with the Entourage sur-le-Lac hotel, which hosted us for a few days to live this experience.

Everything is done to ensure quality teleworking

Services: everything is done to ensure that you have a pleasant stay.


Internet: the wifi is very efficient. I spent several hours a week in Teams meetings and had no connection issues during my stay.


Comfort: The Suite we had was very spacious: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a large living area, and a terrace with a direct view of the lake. The chairs available in the Suite are very comfortable. I had no back problems. There is also a desk and a dining table, so we had two separate workspaces.


Activities: to unwind from long days of work or to unwind during your lunch break, there is a multitude of activities available: swimming in Lake Beauport or the swimming pool, conquering the lake by kayak, relaxing at the spa, take a bike ride, read a book in the comfort of the hammocks, go for two on a pedal boat and even try your hand at paddleboarding.


The environment: we have never been disturbed by the slightest noise from other guests or outside the hotel. We could enjoy the birdsong with the windows open. Also, I must admit that enjoying the view of the lake was very relaxing.


Meals: the hotel has a restaurant (l’îlot). It is possible to order directly on a mobile application or phone in your room (COVID restriction: meals were delivered directly to the door when we were there).

Is teleworking at the hotel efficient?

 – Better work-life balance

Quite frankly, I made a point of not repeating the same mistakes I make when working at home, that is, constantly extending my working hours at night. So I divided my time into three main parts: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of activities and personal time, 8 hours of sleep. And I am sincerely convinced that this was the key to the success of this stay.


– Better efficiency and better creativity

The most important thing that has allowed me to improve my efficiency and creativity is taking REAL breaks. What I mean is taking breaks without a computer next to you and almost without a phone either, moments of cuts where I just let my brain and my eyes rest. During my lunch break, for example, I took the time to go kayaking on the lake and for a bracing dip. And I can assure you; there is nothing more effective for attacking the second half of the day. The same thing in the evening, once my computer was off, I took the time to relax with the activities available.


Details on active telecommuting prices – for a limited time:

$ 200 for two nights *

$ 300 for three nights *

+ super Holos breakfasts included in the room

+ access to sports activities and equipment

All details are available on the website

To conclude, I left 
Entourage sur-le-Lac after five days with the feeling of being fully rested and very satisfied with the incredible experience. 


I felt more serene, less stressed, and convinced that the balance between my work and my personal life was the key to the success of what some call the Workcation – Work and Vacation.


Would you like to try teleworking at the hotel? Please write to me in the comments what you think of this idea.

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